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You can contact me directly via my external email or via my website  I have embedded it as a click able image which I hope will exclude ‘Spambots’.

Photography, video and Photoshop tuition

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Sadly, after over 13 years delivering popular photography and Photoshop courses for the Division for Lifelong and the ICIA in Bath the decision has been made to close these classes.

I may still be involved in delivering one-off workshops for Edge Arts (formerly ICIA) at Bath. Check the website for more information

I still offer 1:1 and small group tuition to individuals in the Bath and Bristol area. My training is tailored to the customer’s needs but typical topics include;

Introduction to photography (film and digital)

Pinhole photography

Editing with Adobe Photoshop

Editing with Adobe Lightroom

Video, planning, shooting and editing

Capture high quality media (photography and video) with your mobile device

For more information please visit the training pages on my website.

I am also delivering Pinhole Photography workshops at the Royal Photographic Society in Bath


Workshop – Capture better media with your mobile


Julia Margaret Cameron

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A short film showing the work of the 19th Century portrait photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron.

Light painting item on BBC Country File

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Thanks Tom for spotting this short about Michael Bosanko’s light painting on this week’s Country File programme. You will find the item at around 53 minutes. and here is a link to Michael Bosanko’s website



John Davies talks about his work

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John Davies talks about his approach to landscape photography.

Todd Hido’s work

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This video starts with Todd Hido taking night time street scenes

The world according to Martin Parr

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Jane Bown – portrait photographer

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Jane Bown was a staff photographer for The Observer and took many iconic images of subjects that were normally known for being being camera shy such as Samuel Beckett. This short video was from Chanel 4 news.

Annie Leibovitz video

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This is the video that I started the portrait class with.

ANNIE LEIBOVITZ – “Documentary” from Homestead on Vimeo.

Portraiture project

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George Galloway MP

George Galloway MP ©Nigel Goldsmith 2010

Next project, choose from one of the options below.

Final images will be presented in the last session 

  1. Recreating another photographer’s style

Look at portraits taken by three  photographers and try to recreate them using subjects, props, locations and lighting. You could start by looking at the work of Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Arnold Newman, Erwin Blumenfeld, Platon, and David Bailey

The aim of this assignment is to encourage you to identify the process you think was used to take a picture from initial planning and selection of subject and location through to final execution. The images do not need to be exact duplicates of the originals but should attempt to use a similar technical and aesthetic approach.

  1. Portrait Series

Produce three portraits that have something that links them together. The approach you choose is entirely up to you but it is important to identify the overall theme before you start taking pictures. A series will normally have a theme, which links all images in the collection. Some examples of themes within portrait photography include Rineke Dijkstra’s photographs of matadors, Avedon’s ‘In the American West’ or Nicholas Nixon’s Brown Sisters series.

Bath Photomarathon 2016

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If you like a challenge the Bath Photomarathon takes place on the 30th April. TYou must take twenty pictures in order on 20 themes within 10 hours. The themes are are given to the entrants on the day. For more information click here.

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