Portrait series from the BJP (British Journal of Photography)

This photographer has produced a series of unposed portraits of a couple approaching their 40th wedding aniversary.


~ by Nigel on April 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Portrait series from the BJP (British Journal of Photography)”

  1. …hmmm; the woman in these photos looks like she is worried – or has had a worrying 40 years!
    …The ‘Noah’ set of pics is very appealing though…

  2. I like them. I don’t think she looks worried but she does look bored. It strikes me as a very honest, yet unglamorous portrait of a couple after 40 years of living together which nicely juxaposes the 1970’s portrait of the couple smiling. Although that probably says more about my views on marriage then the pictures.

  3. I found this interesting. Shizuka Yokomizo’s “Dear Stranger” pictures which she took after sending strangers the letter asking them to stand in their window at a certain time if they wanted to be photographed. The letter is here: http://www.cohanandleslie.com/index.php?mode=past&object_id=12 and a couple of the resulting pictures can be seen here: http://www.cohanandleslie.com/index.php?mode=artists&object_id=16&work_id=131 and http://www.cohanandleslie.com/index.php?mode=artists&object_id=16&work_id=130

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