Official ‘open day’ exhibition at Carpenter House

This is quite good news, we have been allowed to show student work at the end of the courses. The format is more of an open day so probably no wine etc and it will finish at 7pm but it is still a great opportunity to celebrate the great work that has been produced during the courses. This exhibition will be in addition to the mini show at the end of the portfolio course.

I have pasted the e-mail I received from Sam Evans which details the times dates and how to identify your work

Dear Nigel

A decision has now been made to hold an Exhibition so I am e-mailing to ask whether you would be interested in arranging an Art Exhibition with your students to show their work at Carpenter House (similar to December’s exhibition). The date proposed is Thursday 8 May 08 (the last art course finishes on Wednesday 7 May). Carpenter House would be open for people to come and view the exhibition from 3pm until 7pm as an ‘open day’.

Please can you let me know whether you would like to go ahead with the exhibition.

If there is enough interest I will arrange for some exhibition stands to be delivered to Carpenter House on Wednesday 30 April so if you can give me an idea of how many you need that would be a great help plus you could use the wall boards as before (the boards will be available from this date for you and your students to arrange the work).

Students should be made aware that they would need to collect their work by 5.00pm on Thursday 15 May as Carpenter House will be closed for a few weeks after this date. Also, can I ask that students are reminded to put their names either on the back of their work or near their work so we can easily identify it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks



~ by Nigel on April 19, 2008.

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