Week 3 – flash and evening light exercise

This is one of the shots taken during the week 3 exercise (sorry about the subject). The aim is to overpower the available light using flash, it actually wasn’t that dark when the picture was taken but by carefully adjusting exposure you can make it look like night. This is roughly how it was done using a digital camera, for film I would recommend using a handheld flash meter:

1) A flash with a white brolly was placed on a stand to the subjects right and connected to the camera, a reflector was held to the subject’s left to bounce some of the light back into the shadows.

We used a radio slave but this could be done with a infra red slave which detects the camera’s built in flash or cable providing the trigger voltage isn’t more than a few volts.

Old flashes use very high trigger voltages and should never be connected directly to a modern camera.

2) A photograph was taken of the scene without the flash and we remember the exposure setting e.g. 1/30th second at f8.

3) The camera was then adjusted to underexpose the scene by 1.5 to 2 stops (1/125th second at f8), this is easier to do with a camera that offers full manual exposure control.

4) The flash was then adjusted to give us a correct exposure at f8, this can be done with a light meter or by shooting test shots on digital. Some flashes allow the user to change the power output otherwise the flash can be moved further away or closer.

5) The shot is taken.

Photograph taken by Nina with my camera during the session.


~ by Nigel on May 26, 2011.

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